This is how many uni partnerships you can find here.


This is how many universities you can find here.

In order to find Erasmus+ partner universities go to the page titled MAP. You can search for bilateral cooperation between your uni and another higher education institution (HEI) by typing three suggestions:

  • your city,
  • university’s name or
  • university Erasmus+ ID number.

Start typing the name of your university and choose one from the suggestions list. You might consider checking both versions of your university’s name: English name and the native one for instance: Szczecin University and Uniwersytet Szczeciński.

Seems like your HEI is not in our database yet?

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After selecting your higher education institution the map will show its location and list of faculties. Choose your faculty to find your Erasmus+ partner universities. As every faculty has to set a bilateral cooperation agreements on their own, they may vary between faculties.

As for our previous example - Szczecin University - we choose one of the faculties. Let’s say you are studying German Studies, so you click on a German Studies Faculty. From available list of Erasmus partnership universities choose the HEI you want to go to.

Now, you know what universities cooperate with your higher education institution and your faculty. You can dig deeper and check all the requirement needed for any student who wants to study abroad.

Be sure to Sign up or Log In in order to save unis you searched, find people who study abroad and ask them for any issues concerning your stay and get to know the place before you even go there. Also, you will be eligible for Erasmeet coupons and deals for students from all over the local places around you.

Have any questions concerning your travel and stay abroad? Consult your knowledge with others!

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